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You have been asked to tell your story
Or you are planning to make the move.

You realize that if you do this right, good things will happen.
So.. let's tackle this right away.


You are an entrepreneur, an expert, coach, consultant, leader, aspiring speaker who wants to speak on stage. Maybe you've released your bestseller book, achieved a spectacular milestone, launched a new product and you are eager to share this with the world on a stage (or in front of a camera)


How this premium program works

Working on your signature story or your next keynote is a 1-1 program, live online & offline.

  • Intake: online call to discover if we are a match 
  • Analysis & Roadmap: We kick-off with a session where I give you an analysis & feedback on your draft. Then we deep-dive in your goals & vision with this keynote & your topic. 
  • Back & Forth sessions: Sessions in which we work on the adapted draft of your keynote.
  • Final Session: In our last session we bring your written keynote to live. You rehearse and I coach you in bringing a great performance. 
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Let's talk

"I was lucky to work with Ianka on several occasions. She knows how to capture the essence of a message, a communication or a lecture. She always finds just the right words that give you a "yes, that's it" moment.
What's striking about Ianka is her professionalism, her love for the spoken word. Bundling a story together and reducing it to its essence, in such a way that the listener remains fascinated until the end. "The Art of Recycling" then changes into "The Art of Speaking".
Ianka is champions league level."

- Caroline Craenhals - CEO Belgian Scrap Terminal

Caroline Craenhals