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I recommend Ianka to anyone in need of a storytelling concept. Being a writer herself, an actress and a very good listener, she is capable of creating, recognizing, shaping, producing and performing strong stories. Therefore she uses her brilliant imagination, true empathy and wonderful presenting skills.Furthermore, she is an interesting conversation partner always ready with constructive advise and open to share her knowledge and expertise.

Charlotte De Mey , Business coach

Speaking Mentor Ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion.

Rik Vera , Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.

Ianka was the event facilitator at the UNIZO Creativity event at the Verbeke foundation. I was one of the speakers. 500+ entrepreneurs enjoyed a great afternoon/evening while Ianka managed the links between the speakers very professionaly. If you look for a great event facilitator, I can very much recommend Ianka.

Jeroen De Flander , Strategy Execution Ambassador I Best Selling Author I Key-note Speaker on Strategy & Strategy Execution

We invited Ianka to be the moderator of our Women of the Year Award. She responded very professionally to our request and prepared the event in a serious way, thoroughly reading the material we submitted and asking for further elicitation if needed. The day of the event she got caught in a terrible traffic jam and only arrived at the very last minute. But she jumped directly to the stage and got started. The audience was never aware of the stress she must have felt. Ianka did an excellent job in our marvelous event. Marij Elias, Chair of BE Lioness, the Women's Network of ING Belgium.

Marij Elias , Office Manager

Chapeau! You were great in your role as moderator. An Absolute Pro!

Peter Hinssen , Thought leader, Co-founder & Partner at nexxworks

A delight to work with. Full of energy and inspiration. As a host of TEDxFlanders, she knows how to fill the gaps and covers technical errors with a laugh and a jest.

Christoph Cop , Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology consulting: data science

There are people who change the course of your business and your personal life forever. Ianka is one of them. During a great workshop, she unraveled the secrets of presenting and storytelling. With the skill of a master storyteller, she showed us how to enthrall and convince an audience. But she showed us much more. She showed us that there can be a story and a storyteller in each of us. She is the guide to effectively communicating that message.

Jo Hendriks , Owner at Brain Rangers, Helping companies to let technology work for them instead of the other way around

Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you.

Marta Klejman , Food & Mind Expert

I invited Ianka to speak at the first kickoff event of CreativeMornings Ghent, where she gave a talk about our theme 'Muse'. I and everyone in the audience found Ianka's talk very inspiring. She took us unto her compelling journey to find her muse. Being a muse herself she brought a fresh and honest perspective on how people find inspiration. Ianka stands in front of an audience full of confidence and brings in the necessary amount of humor and interaction to keep you engaged throughout the talk. Ianka is pure, passionate and personal!

The key take away is that you can find inspiration in anything, as long as you are capable of asking yourselves provocative questions.

Daphne Fecheyr Lippens , Innovation consultant

Ianka was our ‘Master of Ceremony’ during the UBA Trends Day, an event with 1450 marketing and communication professionals. She was brilliant in introducing the speakers and in engaging with the audience. We enjoyed working with her and our attendees showed their appreciation in the event-survey.

Chris Van Roey , CEO UBA

Too often I speak at events where the CEO has a great message that is unfortunately lost in a superficial presentation. Being good in management also means being good in public speaking. You can learn how to manage. You can learn how to be a good speaker..
I have seen what Ianka can do with our Nexxworks Bootcampers in just a few hours. Take your time. Not a few hours. The time you need to find your own voice, your own key, your own attitude, your own format, and story.

Rik Vera , Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.

Ianka gave a very inspiring speech at our Failing Forward conference in 2014 - sharing heartfelt experiences and lessons learned to help our audience prevent making the same mistakes and understanding that they are not alone in encountering a bumpy road on their way to success!

Karen Boers , Social entrepreneur at heart @ BeCode, BeCentral,, European Startup Network and Boers & Peusens

My compliments to Ianka for moderating a debate on future prospectives of family policy and leave systems (15/11/2016). I myself was one of the debaters. Ianka kept us all on topic and challenged us to think outside the box. This truly improved the debate.

Theun Pieter Van Tienoven , Research Fellow at UNSW - Co-Founder at hbits

ianka's most-requested keynote presentation topics

Using stories to facilitate change.

Guiding people through change is challenging. As a leader you deal with a lot of new information that you have to convey to your people. In addition, you must get everyone motivated to take action. How to do that? 

By using stories to change systems.
It is easy to make a decision based on numbers and hard data, but the reality is that, by using the spoken story, people are able to remember and make the data meaningful. 

In this keynote, ianka makes you experience the power of storytelling to guide, influence, persuade, create meaning and connect with peers, family, friends and strangers.

  • Previously customized for
  • Innovation networks
  • Change management
  • Thought leaders communities
  • Management of federations
  • Management of banks
  • Communication teams
  • Women organisations
  • Federations
  • HR teams
    Product managers

To get the right answer, ask the right question. Really?

Asking questions seems obvious and easy. We do it without even thinking about it. Asking the right question is important in all areas of our social and professional life. Yet it is difficult to ask the right question in order to get the answer we are looking for. The relationship between the two is like the chicken and the egg. 
What do you need to have a meaningful conversation?  How do you know if you are dealing with the truth or fake news? How do you know if you choose the right candidate for the job? 
In this keynote ianka explores how questioning defines your decision making and your view of the world. 

  • Previously customized for
  • Management 
  • Change management
  • HR teams
  • Comunications teams
  • Sales teams

Master in Moderation & Interaction

Add extra value by combining ianka's top talents: speaking & moderating.

ianka is a renowned experienced MC with a trackrecord of more than 200 moderations and presentations of events, congresses and debates on live stages, television and radio.

Most MC’s limit their role in announcing speakers, being the time-keeper and telling a short joke between presentations but ianka loves to interact with audiences and to become the creative, entertaining and catalyctic glue that holds your event together. She is no doubt the perfect host for your audiences AND your speakers.