Are You Ready 

To Become 
The Trusted 

In The Noise?  


Capitalize Your Reputation With An Outstanding Personal Brand. Share Your Vision, Establish Authority, and Transform Your Expertise into a Legacy Business




You are the expert in your field, but



Others respect you for your knowledge and expertise. You have built a serious reputation with this. Now you want to make a big, bold move in your career. Translate your experiences into an inspiring story that makes an impact. Or package your knowledge and expertise into a product or service with which you build a legacy around your expertise. Standing on stage, writing a book, or hosting a podcast show.

You know an audience out there wants to hear what you have to say. You also can't wait to get started. And yet you get stuck. 

If you want to make that big, bold move, you have to take action NOW. Become visible as a personal brand. Combine this with a good business strategy, and you are ready to make an impact with your story.

And the great thing is: you don't have to do it alone. Together with my team, I make sure you get comfortable with being visible, and we also help you with those tricky tasks like tools, techniques, and posting on social media. 

So nothing is stopping you from making that Big Bold Move.

Go for it.

Take the plunge.

Get out of that golden cage.

Make your expertise your legacy.



This is for you if you are

A solopreneur 

  •  Experts who are considered authorities in their industry who dream of becoming authors.
  •  Coaches and Consultants who want to launch their own purpose-driven Personal Brand to make more impact.
  •  Business authors and speakers who want to develop or begin to gain a reputation by offering keynotes or writing books on a particular topic.  



A C-level executive or a business owner 

  • CEO's or business owners who realize that building a personal brand will help them in the war on talent, and in growing the business
  • Seasoned Senior Executives who have a unique point of view after years of running a business and now want to share these ideas outside their own company.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to pass on their knowledge to others.
ianka fleerackers

Stop being the best kept secret in your industry! 

Do you want to know how to become the 'trusted voice in the noise' ?

Let's talk

 Do you wonder..


  • Am I doing the right things right or should I take different actions to build a brand and a profitable business?
  • What should I do first: write a book? Give keynotes? Produce podcasts

  • I released a book and will have to do most of the promotion myself. How will I earn from it? Help! 

  • How do I move from in-house presentations to being a requested keynote speaker at an event?

  • I work as a consultant/expert in a competitive market with an excellent turnover. I want to stand out so that I am not comparable to competitors. How  can a Personal Brand help me do this?

  • I sold my business and am on roses for the rest of my life. But I am not out of the story yet and want to pass on my experience to the next generation. Is that possible? And how does a Personal Brand play a role in this? 
  •  My approach and vision differ from my competitors, and I want to take advantage of that. How do I go about this?
  •  I want to make more impact with my business than selling products/services. I want people to see how mission-driven we are and how we can help them. Can a Personal Brand help with this? What do I need to be able to do for this?
  • How can I align my story, with a personal brand and with a businessmodel

Let's Get Serious About Your Personal Brand & Business 

Let's discover together how we make this real for you. 




Real personal branding is an online and offline strategy

What you need is: 

Purpose Clarity

Before we really take off, You'll need to be clear on the goal you are aiming for. You'll think out loud on how personal branding needs to benefit you, your work, your lifestyle. We'll discuss your current positioning and your go-to positioning. What are your key messages, what's your story? 



There a multiple ways to get to Rome. Let's discover the one(s) that would benefit you most and that you would like to explore, to work on.
Our goal? A 12-month strategy, reverse engineered into a 6-month roadmap (duration of this program) and a 90-day sprint. 

How will your personal brand grow and be influential? Where does it need to be visible? We dive into our 4 pillars:

  • PR (building on other peoples audience, from podcast, tv to keynote speaking)
  • Content that converts (building an online audience, from online writing to publishing a book)
  • Systems for flow (we only have 24h/day, so we need automations, systems, processes to optimize)
  • Business for growth (we love what we do, but we also want to do business)





Now we have our 12 month strategy, let's make it concrete and turn it into quarterly targets with KPIs. 
In the implementation sessions we are clear on what needs to be done to execute your plan
You work on your KPI's. We offer you sparring, feedback, coaching, mentoring, training when you need it. And you can find extra tools and lessons in our online Vault. 


When your message moves people,
you’ll never have to sell again

Do you want a personal brand & business with Flow?  


ianka fleerackers 

Master in the art of storytelling,  a multi-disciplinary artist & entrepreneur. A.K.A. renaissance woman passionated by thought leadership. 

During my career as an actress in television, movies, and theatre, I wrote 8 books, became writer and director of theatre plays, producer & presenter of my own programs on television and radio, publisher of short-stories of well-known Flemish authors. I'm a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences, a podcast producer and host and a speaker on personal branding & storytelling.  I know, it's a lot...  

mentor ianka fleerackers

"Mentor ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion" 


- Rik Vera

"Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you." 


- Marta Kleyman


"ianka helped me to get my message clear and comprehensible, but above all to give direction, shape and clarity to my own thought leadership


- An Cosaert
ianka fleerackers

 Are You Ready To Inspire, Lead & Change ?

I would love to guide you with my knowledge and experience, but only ...
if you are a knowledge expert or leader who finds developing and sharing a vision super important.
If you are mission-driven AND an entrepreneur with a flux mindset.
Someone who wants to move a stone in the river and change its flow bit by bit.
And someone wants to make a good living too because you can. 

Are you that kind of person? Do you want to discover that?