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People influence people, and thought leaders are those that others respect and follow.
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At a certain point in your career, your expertise takes over. People around you start asking you to share your vision, your insights, and expertise. At that moment you might start thinking about writing a book and in the back of your head, you envision yourself sharing your ideas on big stages. 

But as much as you have experience in your branch, you are not an expert in how to start a Thought Leaders Practice.

That's why I developed this program. I'll coach, mentor and train you in becoming a charismatic speaker, transforming your ideas into products and create revenue streams from your content.


This is for you if


Everything I do is about helping you build a thought leaders practice around your expertise, your brand and your name. It’s perfect for:

  • Knowledge experts who want to go from knowing a lot to being known for knowing a lot.

  • Senior executives that want to give up their day job and build a practice of their own and on their own terms.


  • Entrepreneurs who want to focus on their practice and their thought leadership (speaking at conference, writing a book) to earn extra revenue while feeding their business.

  • Experienced speakers, consultants, trainers and coaches who know they need to do more with their business.

What if ..

  • You could get on stage or in front of a camera and be the charismatic speaker you always wanted to be 

  • You could stop feeling the victim of your knowledge but leading it with processes 

  • You could turn your knowledge into products that serve your life and your clients

  • You could share your vision as an inspiring thought leader 

  • You would have more quality time due to a smarter way of growing your business

  • You no longer had to exchange time for money

  • You would not be alone during this process of transformation

    This can be your life if you choose to build a Thought Leader Practice. 

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I'm ianka 

Founder of Thought Leaders Academy. During my successful career as an actress in television, movies and theatre, I had the opportunity to become an author, director and producer of my own programs on television and radio. I am a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences on biotech, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation and a speaker on creativity and self-development. When I'm not on stage, I guide, train, coach and mentor experts in their journey to become thought leaders (with a commercially successful practice) 


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Every Professional Speaker Needs A Speaker Mentor

Your journey as a speaker can be uncertain and challenging. Having your personal speaker mentor, getting honest feedback on your performance, being challenged on your topics, and having a sparring partner at your side will make you own the stage. Watch and listen how international speaker & thought leader Peter Hinssen experienced working with speaking mentor ianka.

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