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The Visible Expert Program is dedicated to helping our members 
harness, leverage, and maximize the power and potential of online personal branding and scaling their visibility to attract more leads and exciting PR opportunities. 


This is for you if you are 

  •  an executive, C-level who wants to get started with employer branding and combine it with personal branding
  •  a small start-up founder or member who lacks a marketing department 
  •  an academic exploring and building an online personal brand
  •  a business owner who is looking for new ways to share his/her knowledge

  •  an employee who changes jobs or wants to stand out more to get a promotion

  •  a freelancing consultant looking to differentiate himself/herself from his/her competitors 

Do you wonder if you could get more out of being visible on LinkedIn?

If enhancing your personal brand awareness would help you do more business?

.. or even make the change you are looking for? 

If becoming more visible on LinkedIn would get you on stages as a keynote speaker? 

 .. open doors in promoting your book?

 .. help you start your thought leadership?

Let's talk

The Visible Expert Program 



This program focuses on building your personal brand online by using LinkedIn as your primary platform. 

You'll learn how to think and act as a personal brand. 

You'll learn the most important (and more) do's and don'ts on LinkedIn. 

But it is not just a LinkedIn course. 

You'll also learn how to write and present content in a way that it will grow your personal brand and reflects your personality. 

You'll learn how to use your online presence and publishing to open doors to your business goals. 

You'll learn AND get into ACTION. 

After six months, your learnings and actions will bring you a more extensive network to engage with, more exciting connections, and more opportunities. You are on your way to achieve the ALL STAR status on LinkedIn and a 70+% social selling index. 

But above all, you are not alone. We accompany you in your journey as your mentor, teacher, and accountability partner.  

We are committed to get you the All Star Status and an increased Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

If you commit to the same adventure.  



Our four steps in building an online personal brand on LinkedIn 


Step 1


Before you start revamping your LinkedIn profile, we will discuss the big WHY. Time is too valuable to waste on working for something without knowing why. So, Why are you thinking about building a personal brand? Let's find out.

Step 2


Make your LinkedIn profile the best converting webpage: We go through all aspects of the LinkedIn profile page and work on an upgrade that makes you stand out. This means reviewing and upgrading all the elements: banner, photo, about section, featured section, creator modus, hashtags,.. . I know, maybe you already did that last year, but the foundation must be strong. 


Step 3

Content Creation  

Attracting the right people by creating content is the program's most crucial part. Most people think that "everybody" is already posting on Linkedin. But that's not the case. Only a small percentage of LinkedIn members is posting every week. So this means that if you start posting now, you still are in a position to get noticed! Creating content frightens a lot of people because they don't know how. In the Invisible Expert Program, we dive into content creation, and you'll learn:

          •  How to find topics to write about
          •  How to align content topics with your personal brand and business
          •  How to diversify your content 
          •  What are the different formats you can apply
          •  Finding your content pillars
          •  How to find a content rhythm
          •  Discover your writing style and habits


Step 4

Connect to convert 

Let's connect, build your network and convert. Posting content has a goal: finding an audience, building a network, and attracting leads. This pillar will discuss how to select, find, attract, and connect. 



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