Let's become Brave New Humans

Let's own our story, or someone/something else will. 
ianka isn't just an average speaker, she is a performer. 
ianka is a versatile writer and published author. She is the creator of Brave New Human and Own Your Story.
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In her academy you get access to ianka's extensive experience and knowledge in arts, media and business. 

Hi, I'm ianka fleerackers

Master in the art of storytelling, multi-disciplinary artist & media professional running a diversified one-person business.

In the world of art, I was an actor in television, theatre and movies, I wrote screenplays, directed them and became a published versatile writer.
In the world of media, I was asked to become a journalist, producer presenter and moderator in collaboration with established publishers, production firms and national broadcasts.
As an entrepreneur I dive deep in businessdevelopment for solopreneurs, thought leadership, personal branding and storytelling using my experience and knowledge. 

I know, it's a lot. But it's who I am.  

 Not your average speaker, but a performer

A story that is  inspiring and actionable

Her combined passion and decades of expertise for what is possible through more effective, intentional storytelling creates meaningful change for those who experience it.
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Navigating energy with both humor and focus. 

ianka takes her audience on an rollercoaster of emotions to let them experience more and get into action. 

Own Your Story

Differentiate yourself in a new world driven by GenAI by avoiding mediocracy and build your personality brand. 

Personal branding in the business world may seem inappropriate and self-indulgent, or at least that's the perception of many.Yet, it's a powerful tool in your professional career, in the war for talent, and in growing your business. What you, as a professional, need is the ability to steer conversations in the direction you want.

In "Own Your Story," ianka provides insights to rethink your personal brand into a personal-ity brand.She also offers a behind-the-scenes look at her own multidisciplinary career in media, the arts, and business, giving you the tools to get started yourself.

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The Brave New Human Letter

I dive deep into human potential, lifestyle design, art & literature, technology and one-person businesses to give you a unique, digestible way of improving your life.

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    Helping high-performing knowledge experts earn more because of who they are, and by working smarter.

    Experts and service based solopreneurs and creators need to own their story, business and life. 
    That's why we build one-person businesses with personal branding , high-ticket offers and diversified portfolios.

    Four ways I can help you

    I work with solopreneurs, creators, and execs who want to sell high-ticket services and wish to invest in their personal brands to stand out easier and resonate deeper.

    The Brave New Human Letter

    An almost weekly letter to inspire you on owning your story, business and life. 

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