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Keynotes can be adapted to the specific needs of your event and target group. ianka is available for both real life (offline) and virtual (online) events.
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Thought Leader Rise!

Executive advocacy to build  thought leadership

Establishing your organization as a thought leader is crucial for differentiation and influence in today's competitive corporate landscape. This keynote presentation delves into crafting thought leadership at the corporate level, highlighting the critical role of executive advocacy and the strategic use of C-suite personal branding in this endeavor.

Corporate thought leadership is about setting trends, pioneering innovation, and being the foremost authority for insights within your industry. Achieving this esteemed status is significantly enhanced by the active engagement and advocacy of your executive team. Their personal brands are not just complementary assets but foundational pillars that, when aligned with your organization's mission and values, magnify your company's voice and thought leadership presence.



This keynote is tailored for

  • the executive suite
  • communication experts


  • Thought leadership
  • Executive advocacy vs employee advocacy
  • Storytelling 
  • Executive personal branding


How do you fit this keynote into your program?
Duration 30-45-60 min. 
Dutch or English

Personal branding as an HR tool

Using Personal branding in employee engagement and employer branding

In this keynote tailored to HR professionals, we'll cut straight to the heart of how personal branding can address the current era's HR challenges like 

  • Talent acquisition and retention are fiercely competitive.
  • Diversity and inclusion require intentional action.
  • Employee well-being is critical to productivity.
  • Skills development is a continuous necessity.

ianka shows you how personal branding can be a strategic solution because it

  • Enhances talent attraction and retention by linking employee growth with organizational goals.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion by valuing unique personal identities.
  • Supports employee well-being through recognition and alignment with personal values.
  • Encourages continuous learning and adaptability, keeping pace with industry evolution.
  • and helps build the employer brand.



This keynote is tailored for

  • HR experts
  • HR management


  • war for talent
  • talent management
  • recruiting & retention 
  • employer branding


How do you fit this keynote into your program?
Duration 30-45-60 min. 
Dutch or English

Own Your Story

Using Personal branding in employee engagement and employer branding

As leaders, entrepreneurs and experts we all want a good and strong reputation.
And we also want our business to grow and prosper.
But if that reputation stays indoors and is determined by what others say about you once you've left the room, you could end up empty-handed.

What you need as a professional is that you can steer the conversation in the direction you want.

That's where personality branding comes in.
Personality branding is the operating system of your reputation.
Moreover, it is also a good starting job to develop personal thought leadership.

In her keynote, ianka gives you the insights to think differently about your personal brand and the tools to make it work. 


This keynote will be tailored to the audience profile:

  • Solopreneurs (consultants, experts, freelancers)
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • SME founders


  • Personal branding
  • Self-leadership
  • Storytelling & communication
  • War for talent
  • Employer branding
  • Leadership


How do you fit this keynote into your program?
Duration 30-45-60 min. 
Dutch or English

Own Your Journey

How to move from one career to another

'Own your journey, build a legacy.'


The way you frame your career is critical to building a personality brand that is meant for more than just marketing purposes.  

Stop treating your professional path as an online CV with skills and namedropping. 

Start working on your body of work, your Oeuvre.

ianka's keynote will take you through the world of art and her own multidisciplinary journey in her artistic and entrepreneurial careers to give you a new perspective on your own work.  

It's time for you to own your journey.

For who:

  • Leaders
  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Experts


  • Personal branding
  • Self-leadership
  • Storytelling
  • Communication


How to fit this keynote into your program?

Duration 30-45-60 min. 
Dutch or English

Storyteller speak!

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Combine the keynote with the book

Offer your audience ianka's book (and podcast) to fully get into personality branding. 

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