We help high-performing knowledge experts
earn more because of who they are,
and by working smarter.

Experts and service based solopreneurs and creators need to own their story, business and life. 
That's why we build one-person businesses with personal branding , high-ticket offers and diversified portfolios. 
We believe in the power of the personality to think autonomously, show integrity in behavior and lifelong curiosity to develop a personal brand and visionary leadership.



Personal branding strategy

Business development for thought provokers

Life design for solopreneurs


We learn you Strategy, Systems & Skills in


Personal branding strategy


Online content creation


Keynote speaking






Video Content






Business development

Our Clients are


  •  Experts who are considered authorities in their industry who dream of becoming authors.
  • Business authors and speakers who want to develop or begin to gain a reputation by offering keynotes or writing books on a particular topic.  


  • CEO's or business owners who realize that building a personal brand will help them in the war on talent, and in growing the business
  • Seasoned Senior Executives who have a unique point of view after years of running a business and now want to share these ideas outside their own company.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to pass on their knowledge to others.


  • that realise that building a strong employer brand means incorporating personal branding of their employees and c-level.
  • that want to figure out how to grow stronger together
  • that know that brand ambassadors are not just free advertisement
  • that are looking for a strategy to combine the best of both worlds 
  • who believe in one for all and all for one, as a mantra for a marriage between employer branding and personal branding

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Hi, I'm ianka. 

I help experts and service based solopreneurs own their story, business and life. 
Building one-person businesses with personal branding , high ticket offers and diversified portfolios.

I’m the woman they come to when they feel the lack of authenticity in their storytelling, vision, and lifestyle. 
No fancy complex sales funnels and pushy marketing in this household.

I help you get clarity on the strategy, build skills, systemize your workflow, marketing, and content
so you can work less, charge more, and sell your products & services with less manual effort.

As an artist and media professional turned solopreneur turned creator,
I’ve developed effective systems with time, skin in the game, and experience in arts, media and business. 

- ianka fleerackers

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