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ianka fleerackers is founder van de Thought Leaders Academy waar ondernemers, academici en leiders opgeleid worden tot professionele sprekers. Ze is een veelgevraagd moderator van grote congressen rond technologie, marketing en innovatie alsook inspirational speaker rond storytelling, failing forward en emotionele intelligentie.
Ianka bouwde in het verleden reeds een succesvolle carrière uit als actrice, schreef en publiceerde meerdere boeken, werkte jarenlang in het  theater, voor nationale radio en televisie en ontwikkelde er eigen formats.
Ze is een mediaprofessional in de breedste betekenis van het woord: expert in wat voor èn achter de schermen gebeurt en dit bij verschillende traditionele en online media.

Happy Audience

What a great presentation tonight! It was a pleasure to see you on stage! You did well!

– Frank Leperre


You can book the following keynotes: “Grow by Failure”, “Personal Branding: Your Second Skin” and “What if Stephen Covey was an actor”. When you book ianka you will be invited for an in-depth conversation on the needs of your audience.

Failing Forward

Failing Forward

“Failure is a success if we learn from it.”
But how do you learn yourself to learn from failure and not feel defeated by it? Why is a failure so meaningful?

Being the figurehead of the Flemish campaign ‘Failing Forward’, ianka talks about failing forward in business and personal environments. She will inspire you with stories about failures and the lessons learned to give you a boost to your creative and entrepreneurial mindset to cope with changes and failures. She adjusts her examples according to the needs of the audience.

Duration: 30 – 45 min.
Dutch / English

Emotional Intelligence

What if Covey

What can leaders learn from in-depth acting techniques? How does an actor develop his emotional intelligence? How does having a personal brand help you in self-leadership?
In this keynote, your audience gets a different kind of insight into the profession of an actor and a director. ianka relates her background as a professionally trained actress to your business. She interacts with your public when she sees the opportunity.

Duration: 30 – 45 min
Dutch / English

Personal Branding

Your Second Skin

De real impact of a having a personal brand is when the brand fits YOU. ianka re-defines the meaning of having a personal brand. She relates to her own experiences as an actress and public person in the media. Your audience will learn the principal elements of a personal brand and how you can measure if it fits you.

Duration: 30 – 45 min
Dutch / English


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When you book ianka you will be invited for an in-depth conversation on the needs of your audience.