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Own Your Story, Or Someone Else Will.

Personal branding in the business world may seem inappropriate and self-indulgent, or at least that's the perception of many.
Yet, it's a powerful tool in your professional career, in the war for talent, and in growing your business. What you, as a professional, need is the ability to steer conversations in the direction you want.

In "Own Your Story," ianka provides insights to rethink your personal brand into a personal-ity brand.
She also offers a behind-the-scenes look at her own multidisciplinary career in media, the arts, and business, giving you the tools to get started yourself.

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With this book, ianka succeeds in describing personal branding at a strategic level. Her broad professional background makes this book exceptionally strong and valuable. She has experienced everything a personal brand could face in her career. A look behind the scenes and sharing those experiences adds tremendous value. I highly reco
Steven Van Belleghem
 entrepreneur and author
ianka has not only dared to breathe new life into an existing concept, but she has also ventured to create a book tailored to each individual reader. I sincerely wished I had been able to read this book much earlier because it helps me as a person, but also because it helps me improve businesses and their leaders. 

Rik Vera
business philosopher and author
In a world of information overload and AI, it's more important than ever to develop your own authentic voice. How do you build unique visibility in a world of the Never Normal? ianka has written a wonderful book that makes you think about your journey, your development, and how to find and strengthen that unique voice. 
Peter Hinssen 
entrepreneur and author

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