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Virtual = TV + digital

Let's be honest. We talk about going 'virtual' but in reality it's TV + digital. 
ianka is both digi-savy and a tv pro. She got the looks, the talks and the tools to keep your audience focused. 

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ianka in action 

Virtual Speaker

ianka can deliver her keynote in different formats and studio settings. When she talks to a camera it's like she's talking to you personally. 

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Virtual Presenter & Emcee

ianka is an experienced presenter for television. She presented live TV shows with and without live audience in the studio, live streamed events with live audiences in two different cities plus an online audience, webcasts that were broadcasted over 3 continents and set up in Kuala Lumpur. Interviews, paneldebates in webinars, livestreamings..

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UBA Trends Day 2020

ianka has been moderating this live event on marketing trends for 4 years. In 2020 UBA, during the Corona pandemic, the live event turned into an online experience in a virtual setting. ianka moderated the online edition too. 

Client: Voka
Format: live event & broadcasting over 2 cities.

This event took place simultaneously in Kortrijk and in Limburg. The program is largely parallel and both locations are connected via live streaming, where both cities are also directly addressed. The evening is headed smoothly by Ianka Fleerackers.

Client: Upgrade Estate
Format: Live streaming interview

The founders and CEO's of Upgrade Estate wanted an inhouse live streaming of an interview. ianka conducted the interview and the Q&A with the viewers afterwards. 


Client: Ageas
Format: global webcast and live 2-day event

ianka was the moderator of the live event/summit in Kuala Lumpur. At the end of the summit, they broadcasted a webcast. ianka conducted the round-up with the C-level while live broadcasting global. An audience was present.


Client: Nexxworks
Format: webinar interview

ianka interviewed international speaker, author and Nexxworks co-founder Rik Vera on his book Managers, The day after tomorrow. The interview was recorded as a webinar in Dutch and English. 




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