Thought Leaders Academy


At TLA, we help experts and leaders find and communicate their story. We believe in the power of the personality to think autonomously, show integrity in behavior and lifelong curiosity to develop a personal brand and visionary leadership.


Our expertise

  • Branding strategy
  • Online content writing
  • Storytelling
  • Podcasting
  • PR
  • Public speaking
  • Business development
  • LinkedIn 
  • Bookwriting

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Brand You

One-day intensive. Find out if, and how you can build your personal brand. 
Why would YOU need, want, have one. How can it benefit YOU.  


Our  clients are



  •  Experts who are considered authorities in their industry who dream of becoming authors.
  •  Coaches and Consultants who want to launch their own purpose-driven Personal Brand to make more impact.
  •  Business authors and speakers who want to develop or begin to gain a reputation by offering keynotes or writing books on a particular topic.  

C-level executives or business owners 

  • CEO's or business owners who realize that building a personal brand will help them in the war on talent, and in growing the business
  • Seasoned Senior Executives who have a unique point of view after years of running a business and now want to share these ideas outside their own company.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to pass on their knowledge to others.


  • that realise that building a strong employer brand means incorporating personal branding of their employees and c-level.
  • that want to figure out how to grow stronger together
  • that know that brand ambassadors are not just free advertisement
  • that are looking for a strategy to combine the best of both worlds 
  • who believe in one for all and all for one, as a mantra for a marriage between employer branding and personal branding

Our business coaching programs

Visible Expert Program



1:1 Personal Brand Program 



1:1 Keynote Program



Our incompany programs

For SME's/KMO's, organisations and corporate companies we offer inhouse workshops on online personal branding and public speaking as a tool for employer branding and corporate branding.



Book ianka's keynote on how personal branding can be applied as a tool for company growth and the war on talent. 



Visible Experts @ Your Company 

Strengthen online employer branding & corporate branding with online personal branding of your executives and ambassadors on LinkedIn.


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Speakersclub @ Your Company 


Creating company ambassadors using public speaking.


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I'm ianka fleerackers 

Master in the art of storytelling,  a multi-disciplinary artist & entrepreneur. A.K.A. renaissance woman passionated by thought leadership. 

During my career as an actress in television, movies, and theatre, I wrote 8 books, became writer and director of theatre plays, producer & presenter of my own programs on television and radio, publisher of short-stories of well-known Flemish authors. I'm a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences, a podcast producer and host and a speaker on personal branding & storytelling.  I know, it's a lot... 

That's why I bundled all my expertise and knowledge to mentor you in your journey to become a personal brand and thought leader.

Let's get started!

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