If You Don’t Own Your Story, Someone Else Will


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I'm ianka fleerackers 

Master in the art of storytelling,  a multi-disciplinary artist & entrepreneur. A.K.A. renaissance woman passionated by thought leadership. 

During my career as an actress in television, movies, and theatre, I became a writer and director of theatre plays, producer & presenter of my own programs on television and radio, publisher of short-stories of well-known Flemish authors. I'm a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences, a podcast producer and host and a speaker on personal branding & storytelling. In 2023, I published my 9th book.  I know, it's a lot... 

That's why I bundled all my expertise and knowledge to mentor you in your journey to become a personal brand and thought leader.

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Personal branding in business, it seems inappropriate and egocentric, or at least that is the view of many. And yet it is a powerful tool in your professional career, in the war for talent and in the growth of your business.

Because what you need as a professional is to be able to steer the conversation in a direction you want.

In my book Own your story, someone else will, I give you the insights to think differently about your personal brand. Plus, I provide a behind-the-scenes look at my own multidisciplinary career in media, the arts and business and give you tools to get started yourself.

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