How to get more out of your personality

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Let me make a bold statement to shake you up: Personal branding is outdated. Being 'personal' is not what people want you to be. People want to experience your personality. 

People want to experience your personality and resonate with it.

-ianka fleerackers

And that's not it; they don't want to know your personality type either. They are not really interested in your Insight Discovery color or your MBTI. And frankly, people do not really care if you're an introvert, autistic, or anything in between.This doesn't matter when people decide to trust you and your expertise. Their decision is made by how your personality resonates with theirs.

Your personality is built upon four criteria:
1.  Substance
2. Conviction
3. Unfair Advantage
4. Style

Personality framework

Work on these and you are much more interesting

1️⃣ Substance assures them that you have the knowledge, skills, expertise, character, self-leadership, and your unique point of view on all of these.

2️⃣ Conviction assures them they can build on your strong level of integrity. You are what you stand for; you dare to say no to what goes against your values.

3️⃣ An Unfair Advantage gives them the feeling that you are unique in your field. You have that X-factor, undefinable, maybe a bit mysterious. But it makes you charismatic.

4️⃣ And you have style. They admire you because of the congruency in all levels of style: the way you talk, walk, dress, it all comes together.

PS. This has nothing to do with being the prettiest, smartest, best-dressed, most rich.Gary Vaynerchuk doesn't dress chic. Average Rob is not the most handsome guy on YouTube. Don't make up excuses for not standing out with your personality.
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