You have been asked to tell your story.
Or you are planning to make the move.
You realize that if you do this right, 
good things will happen.

So..let's get started right away.

You are an entrepreneur, an expert, coach, consultant, leader, aspiring speaker who wants to speak on stage. 
Maybe you've released your bestseller book, achieved a spectacular milestone, launched a new product and you are eager to share this with the world on a stage (or in front of a camera)

The Premium Keynote Program

The Premium Keynote Program is a high-end 1:1 program on development of your keynote and its performance. 
Depending on your needs we work on your Signature Keynote or a keynote on demand.
This program is only accessible by application, and designed for experts and leaders who want to integrate keynote speaking as an important element in their personal branding and thought leadership journey. 

Analysis and feedback

You have written a first draft. A first draft is never perfect, maybe not even good. That's totally fine.  Let's analyse and discover rough diamonds to work on. We discuss topics, theme, structure, storytelling and see how we can make it better. 

 online session - max 2h.

Back & fort sessions

Every session we discuss the updated version of your draft. After every session you rewrite, and apply the feedback. Remember to schedule your writing time. 

  online sessions - 1h

Rehearsal session(s)

The sooner the writing is over, the sooner you can rehearse. If there is no time left, you can book extra sessions.  

 live on location session  
 no refund when cancelling or rescheduling.

Add extras

Depending on your needs you can add one of the following add-ons. 

access to Writing course
4h of video helping you write your first draft. 
Brainstorm session
Online session to find your keynote topic
Debrief call
Let's have a debrief call after your big performance

Conditions to enter this program

conditions to enter this program
Writing a keynote that has impact and is sustainable takes more time than most people think. If you want a quick fix, this isn't for you.
Creating a strong story and becoming a speaker requires commitment. So read my conditions to enter this program. 

Mindset and reflection time

Crafting a keynote that has impact requires focus, reflection, research. It is trial and error. Embracing feedback.  There is no straight line in creating a keynote. If you don't share this mindset and are not prepared to reflect, think, and embrace your uncertainties, then this program is not for you.

Scheduling our sessions 

Before we start we discuss our schedule. Ideally we have a session every 2 to 3 weeks. But this only works when you are committed in scheduling your personal writing time between sessions and are accountable for it. 

Writing versus speaking

Writing is thinking with your hands. It allows you to reflect on what you want to communicate. If you speak, you have less insight into what you have communicated. If you don't want or like to write, if you only come up with outlines, keywords, and excuses for not preparing a written draft, then this program is not for you.

You believe in investing in yourself

My 1:1 programs are exclusive for people who really want to invest in their growth. My work is not for people who use time as a measure for quality.  My premium 1:1 programs come with premium prices starting from 6K. to 40K. If you don't think you are worth this investment, then my programs are not for you. 

Hi, I'm ianka,

Master in the art of storytelling,  a multi-disciplinary artist & entrepreneur. A.K.A. renaissance woman passionated by thought leadership. 

During my career as an actress in television, movies, and theatre, I became a writer and director of theatre plays, producer & presenter of my own programs on television and radio, publisher of short-stories of well-known Flemish authors. I'm a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences, a podcast producer and host and a speaker on personal branding & storytelling. 

In 2023, I published my 9th book 'Own Your Story, Or Someone Else will', with a podcast and its own courses. 

I know, it's a lot... That's why I bundled all my expertise and knowledge to mentor you in your journey to become a personal brand and thought leader.
Let's get started!
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