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As a moderator ianka delivers an intelligent and energetic performance with the perfect sense of humor to your event. She has an authentic stage presence.  

ianka’s experience of more than 20 years, and ability to conduct interviews, hold the stage with authority and interact with audiences from CEOs to students make her a great all-rounder as a conference and event moderator.

ianka is a much demand Moderator & Emcee by Conference Organizers as well as Corporate, Social and Government organizations for Keynote and Breakout Meeting, Seminars and Webinars, Customer Appreciation Events,  Corporate Retreats, Strategic Planning sessions, Cultural Events and Innovation Conferences

Chris Van Roey 



Ianka was our ‘Master of Ceremony’ during the UBA Trends Day, an event with 1450 marketing and communication professionals. She was brilliant in introducing the speakers and in engaging with the audience. We enjoyed working with her and our attendees showed their appreciation in the event-survey.


Theun Pieter Van Tienoven 

Research Fellow at UNSW - Co-Founder at hbits


My compliments to Ianka for moderating a debate on future prospectives of family policy and leave systems. I myself was one of the debaters. Ianka kept us all on topic and challenged us to think outside the box. This truly improved the debate.


Virtual Emcee

A camera has no secrets for ianka. She was a  television show host, and tv actress for 20 years. Going 'virtual' is part of her professional life.


ianka in action