Are You Ready to Become The Trusted Voice In The Noise? 


Many talented professionals want to make a bigger impact and get their work & their ideas better known. That was certainly how I felt when I left my career in arts & media to launch my consulting & coaching practice in 2014. 

In the intervening years,  I've trained experts and leaders, shared stages with international thought leaders, interviewed hundreds of authors. In November 2023, I published my ninth but first business book on personality branding and thought leadership. 

But when I started, I only knew how to become a successful, recognised and trusted artist and mediaprofessional. 

That's why I researched the process of how leading experts, and thought leaders built their personal brands and their platforms. I invested more than 100K in coaching, training and masterminds, in order to do it for myself - and eventually, so that I could help others do the same. 

Now, I've distilled what I've learned about growing your platform, your business, and your impact into The Brand Builders Program. 

The Brand Builders Program is intended for professionals who believe it would benefit their business or their career to be more widely recognised for their skills and expertise. This hybrid program with live mentoring, coaching and sparring helps you learn how to do that effectively, with the goal of opening up new business and professional opportunities that are genuinely exciting for you.

Because being great at what you do is very different than being well known for what you do.

With The Brand Builders Program, my goal is to help talented professionals get their voices heard, so that the best ideas - not just the loudest voices - are the ones that win.

I'm excited to help you share your best ideas with the world.


You are the expert in your field, but



Others respect you for your knowledge and expertise. You have built a serious reputation with this. Now, you want to make a big, bold move in your career. Translate your experiences into an inspiring story that makes an impact. 

Or package your knowledge and expertise into a product or service with which you build a legacy around your expertise. Standing on stage, writing a book, or hosting a podcast show.

You know an audience out there wants to hear what you have to say. You also can't wait to get started. And yet you get stuck. 

If you want to make that big, bold move, you must take action NOW. Become visible as a personal brand. Combine this with a good business strategy, and you are ready to make an impact with your story.

And the great thing is: you don't have to do it alone. Together with my team, I make sure you get comfortable with being visible, and we also help you with tricky tasks like tools, techniques, and posting on social media. 

So nothing is stopping you from making that Big Bold Move.

Go for it.

Take the plunge.

Get out of that golden cage.

Make your expertise your legacy.


Brand Builders 


Brand Builders is a 6-month online program for independent knowledge experts.
This hybrid program consists of 

  • Monthly Q&A sessions in group
  • Monthly Open Office Hours for individual sparring, mentoring¬†
  • Strategy sessions 1:1
  • Online course with video lessons
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What's in the program

Strategy Sessions

We kick-off the program with your first 1:1 Strategy Session. 
You'll think out loud about how personal branding needs to benefit you, your work, and your lifestyle.
We'll discuss your current positioning and your go-to positioning. 
We end by setting goals for the first 90 days. 
In our second (Day 90) we evaluate the progress and set new goals.

Q&A sessions

Every month all Brand Builders gather online to ask questions, and review and discuss each others content.

  • Peer feedback gives you insight in how your content is perceived
  • You learn and share experiences.¬†
  • Hot seats

1:1 Brand Builder
Check-in Sessions

After your first Strategy Session we offer monthly Client Check-ins. We work with Open Office Hours, so you can book your time slot if you need one.  
Have a burning question? Need feedback on your work?
Do you need some sparring?
We got you covered!
Are you ok? Fine, see you next month!

The Online Course

Between sessions, it is up to you to do the work. But you are not in this alone. We have an online course on personality branding with video lessons waiting for you. 

Add-On Signature Story


Even if you don't want to become a public speaker,  as a Brand Builder, you must be able to tell your Signature Story on stage, on paper, or online. Book this add-on to your program if you want ianka to co-create your signature story. 

  • Online 1:1 sessions with ianka¬†
  • Your Signature Story¬†becomes your focus and guideline in your personality branding.¬†
  • You can use this Signature Story¬†in a video, free masterclass, keynote, webinar, e-book, as the starting point for your expert book.
  • You get access to the K.A.S.S.P.E.R online course in keynote development and speaker marketing.


Who Is This Program For?

The Brand Builder Program is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
It is the high-end limited edition of the Trusted Expert Program including live sessions in group and 1:1

You're an ideal candidate for this course if:

This program may be for you if:


✅ You’re eager to refine or overhaul your approach to align with your vision better. 


✅ You can handle direct feedback.

✅ You understand the value of perseverance and consistency in building something impactful.

✅ You’re looking for a personalized strategy, acknowledging that success comes from carving out your unique path.

✅ You’re action-oriented, not allowing excuses to hinder your progress.

✅ You’re proactive about seeking support and resources when facing obstacles.

This program may not be for you if:


¬†‚ĚƬ†You expect immediate success upon enrollment without applying the strategies.


‚ĚƬ†You¬†don't like direct feedback.


‚ĚƬ†You‚Äôre hesitant to engage in the foundational work necessary for branding.


‚ĚƬ†You‚Äôre looking for constant hand-holding rather than empowerment to make strategic decisions.


‚ĚƬ†You prioritize minor technical questions over strategic brand development.


‚ĚƬ†You‚Äôre looking for a technical manual rather than a comprehensive branding guide.


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