Are You Ready to Become The Trusted Voice In The Noise? 


You are the expert in your field, but



Others respect you for your knowledge and expertise. You have built a serious reputation with this. Now, you want to make a big, bold move in your career. Translate your experiences into an inspiring story that makes an impact. 

Or package your knowledge and expertise into a product or service with which you build a legacy around your expertise. Standing on stage, writing a book, or hosting a podcast show.

You know an audience out there wants to hear what you have to say. You also can't wait to get started. And yet you get stuck. 

If you want to make that big, bold move, you must take action NOW. Become visible as a personal brand. Combine this with a good business strategy, and you are ready to make an impact with your story.

And the great thing is: you don't have to do it alone. Together with my team, I make sure you get comfortable with being visible, and we also help you with tricky tasks like tools, techniques, and posting on social media. 

So nothing is stopping you from making that Big Bold Move.

Go for it.

Take the plunge.

Get out of that golden cage.

Make your expertise your legacy.


Brand Builders 


Brand Builders is a primarily 1:1 coaching and mentoring program for independent knowledge experts.
This hybrid program consists of

  • Signature Story development
  • strategy sessions to outline your roadmap to success
  • mentoring calls to get feedback on your work, do some sparring
  • online masterclasses on personality branding  
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What's in the program

Signature Story 

Even if you don't want to become a public speaker,  as a Brand Builder, you must be able to tell your Signature Story on stage, on paper, or online.  

  • We reserve max 8 hour sessions to develop your unique voice and point of view on your industry topic. Your Signature Story becomes your focus and guideline in your personality branding. 
  • You get access to the K.A.S.S.P.E.R online course in keynote development and speaker marketing.

Personality Branding

You need to learn how to own your story and use it to build your personality brand. In your online library, you get a masterclass on a topic in personality branding. The masterclasses are based on my book 'Own Your Story, Or Someone Else Will' and deep dive into the topics. But off course you will get more guidance in your 1:1 sessions. 

1:1 sessions

Being a member of the Brand Builder program, you get exclusive 1:1 mentoring and coaching. 

  •  2 Strategy Sessions: In our first strategy session, you gain clarity on your goal. You'll think out loud about how personal branding needs to benefit you, your work, and your lifestyle. We'll discuss your current positioning and your go-to positioning. We end by setting goals for the first period. In our second strategy session, we evaluate the progress and set new KPIs.
  • After your second Strategy Session we start the monthly Client Check-ins: Have a burning question? Need feedback on your work? Do you need some sparring? We got you covered!

The Online Library

Between sessions, it is up to you to do the work. But you are not in this alone. Benefit from:

  • The online course on keynote development and speaker marketing
  • The online masterclasses Personality Branding
  • AI note-taking from our online 1:1 sessions

Subscribe before April 30, 2024 and get these great bonuses!


Bonus #1 Own The Room

When you subscribe before April 30, 2024, you get access to the one-day intensive Own The Room (value 1297€ VAT excl). 
At this intensive you learn how to integrate speaking into your personal brand. 


Bonus #2 extra implementation sessions

When you subscribe before April 30, 2024, you get extra sessions by participating in the implementation sessions of The Tribe, our online group program. These implementation sessions work on the online masterclasses that are available in your online library. (value 3500€ VAT excl) 


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