Executive Advocacy

Leverage your C-Suite’s personal brand to boost your company’s reputation and build thought leadership.


 Do you wonder..

  • How to become a charismatic speaker?
  • How to become a good guest in a panel discussion?
  • How to give strong interviews?

  • How to position yourself online?¬†
  • How to be visible online without damaging the company brand?¬†
  • How to build thought leadership?
  • How to prepare for all this?
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Executive branding is an online and offline strategy

What you need are these pillars: 

Own the stage 

Good speakers lead their audience into action. An executive must be capable of inspiring and leading the different stakeholders within the company brand through his speaking skills. 

Become a great communicator 

A question is an invitation to speak. But not all questions are alike. A strong leader knows 

  • how to use interview techniques that get the best results¬†
  • how to use emotional intelligence to talk to a diversity of people.


Your stakeholders need executive advocacy and Chief Brand Ambassadors. 



A strong leader accepts that he or she needs to lead both online and offline for several reasons:

  • to build trust with investors, clients and employees
  • to build owned media and an online audience as an assurance when crisis communication is needed.
  • to lead by example for brand ambassadors.¬†

Bring thought leadership to live



Thought leadership on a company level is developed and advocated by its c-suite. Are you capable to deliver? 

And align these goals with your team.

At Thought Leaders Academy, we get it. You have a team that supports you.
We teach your team how to work efficiently and build a system to turn keynote speaking and giving interviews into a more manageable routine that feels like a second skin.

We offer these tailor-made services:


process and design workflows for team

photo & videoshoots, content writing, ..

"I work with Ianka on my keynotes and interviews, . She knows how to capture the essence of a message, a communication or a lecture. She always finds just the right words that give you a "yes, that's it" moment.
What's striking about ianka is her professionalism, her love for the spoken word. Bundling a story together and reducing it to its essence, in such a way that the listener remains fascinated until the end. "The Art of Recycling" then changes into "The Art of Speaking".
Ianka is champions league level."

- Caroline Craenhals - CEO Belgian Scrap Terminal

Inspire. Lead. Change.

That is our goal for you.


ianka fleerackers 

Master in the art of storytelling,  a multi-disciplinary artist & entrepreneur. A.K.A. renaissance woman passionated by thought leadership. 

During her career as an actress in television, movies, and theatre, she wrote 9 books, became writer and director of theatre plays, producer & presenter of my own programs on television and radio, publisher of short-stories of well-known Flemish authors. She's a sought-after moderator of high-end conferences, a podcast producer and host and a speaker on personal branding & storytelling.  We know, it's a lot...  

Since the founding of the Thought Leaders Academy, ianka has been training CEOs in their communication, storytelling, keynote development, media and stage presence.

mentor ianka fleerackers

"Mentor ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion" 


- Rik Vera

"Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you." 


- Marta Kleyman


"ianka helped me to get my message clear and comprehensible, but above all to give direction, shape and clarity to my own thought leadership


- An Cosaert
ianka fleerackers

 Are You Ready To Inspire, Lead & Change ?

I would love to guide you with my knowledge and experience, but only ...
if you are a leader who finds developing and sharing a vision super important.
If you are mission-driven AND have a flux mindset.
Someone who wants to move a stone in the river and change its flow bit by bit.
Are you that kind of person? Do you want to discover that?